One-Time Password Now Available

blogchencenceYou all know that we like our security tight, but for adding one layer of extra protection to our dashboard we have now introduced OTP. OTP (or one-time password) is a password that is valid only for one log in session.It is safer than the conventional static passwords, because it’s not vulnerable to replay attacks. It’s valuable also to people who use the same pass for different systems. In a situation where one system is cracked by attackers they don’t have access to all of them.

How it Works

  • First you have to activate this option by going to your profile settings and clicking on the red button, labeled “Setup One-Time Password”
  • Then a QR code will be presented to you. You will also see links to some free apps that you need in order to generate the OTP.
  • Install one of them on your mobile device and scan the QR code.
  • Type in your password and the OTP  from the app. Be quick because the generated OTP will work only for 30 seconds.
  • Click Submit and you are all set. Next time you log in our system you will have to simply type the current OTP from the app you have.

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