IVGuard is Now Available

Have you ever had problems with hacked websites? Have you cursed the WordPress Gods for allowing this injustice to happen? If the answer is yes, you have probably vowed to prevent this from happening again. There are numerous things you can do to secure your website your website’s safety.

Meet IVGuard! This is our solution to your WordPress Security problems.

– What is IVGuard?

IVGuard is a security plugin, that can help you keep your website hack and malware free. It’s a brand new product that we have developed for the past few months. It’s  product that we are proud of and we are glad to share it with you.

– What does IVGuard exactly do?

IVGuard backups the files of your website and gives you the option to restore them anytime you want. It also compares your current CMS version to it’s original one and warns you if there is any difference between them. You will also be notified whenever a new user is added or if a password is changed. You can read all about the other cool features IVGuard has on our website.

– How do I install IVGuard?

Just install it as any other WordPress plugin. Search it in Plugins and click install. After you do that you will get your verification code. Create a profile on our website and verify it. Then log in and click the Secure Site button. Then simply add the code you got earlier and you are all set.

– Why IVGuard?

We know there are many security plugins on the market. We also know they are very good at cleaning your website from malware. But ours is good at preventing the hack attack from happening in the first place. IVGuard will track every file on your website, plugins and themes and will send you an e-mail whenever something or someone changes anything on them.



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