The Key for Successful Text Content | SEO Text Requirements

Copywriting Checklist of a Text requirements for Good Ranking of a Single page in the Search Engines

SEO Key Text Requirements

Read a few writing tips which will help to improve your website single-page content to be better ranked in the search engines results. But don’t take too technical these criteria – the key is in the authorship!

  • Lack of all kind spelling and punctuation errors.
  • The text has to be at least 2,000 characters without spaces (you can use
  • Focus the single page content to be optimised for low count of keywords (one is recommended).
  • The presence of internal links to relevant pages by theme.
  • The presence of short and meaningful headings with right keywords.
  • The text content needs minimum 2 relevant subheadings.
  • The subheadings <h2, h3 etc.> have to meet the basic themes in the text.
  • A single text paragraph is better to be no more than 500 characters.
  • One sentence is better to be no more than 250 characters.
  • The page is good to contain themed images.
  • Use images between paragraphs.
  • The page is good to contain a list or a table.
  • Verification for the absence of too many input keywords and redundant words.
  • The text has to contain terms to give a theming of the landing page.
  • The text needs at least 95% of text uniqueness.
  • Write content for the people, not for the bots!
  • Be an author! Writing charming stories!

That’s all folks.

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