How to Create Google Analytics and Google My Business Accounts



Google Analytics Account

Using Google Analytics is a must if you want to monitor what’s happening with your website. The tool gives lots of information regarding who visits your website, where they come from and even what device they use. You can monitor literally hundreds of the factors that can help you build your marketing strategy towards the dominating stream of people, so you can turn those hours of work on your website into a cash flow.

Doing so might not be easy at first but give yourself some time and you will begin using the mystical powers of Google Analytics like a real pro. The first step of course is to create one. Below we have written a step-by-step guide that will help you do that:

(start at 1:48)
1. Open the Google Analytics site:
2. Sign in with your Gmail Account.
3. Click “Sign Up”.
4. Fill in your Company Name in the first two fields.
5. Type in your domain name (remove http:// https:// www).
6. Select your industry category.
7. Leave all of the ticks checked.
8. Click “I Agree”.
9. Add the Google Analytics generated script to your website’s header.

Google My Business Account


Google My Business is a free tool that will put your business on the map whenever a local search is performed. It’s sort of a business register created by Google that helps the search engine to sort the local businesses in a certain area. You can add photos, working hours, description etc. that will help your potential customers get to know your company better. Here is how to create one.

1. Go to
2. Click Sign In
3. Log in with your Gmail account
4.Click on “Service Area” button
5.Type your company name
6. Click on “None of these match” (if you do find your company click on that)
7. Fill in (or correct) your company information
8. If you don’t want your address to be visible on Google My Business check “Yes” on “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” and point what service area do you cover.
9. Click Continue, check the tick and click Continue again
10. Choose a verification method. You might get a phone call or an SMS verification method but the most common option is by Postcard. Check your address one more time and click Mail
11. Fill in your name and click Send Postcard

Within few days you will receive the Postcard with a verification code. Log in Google My Business ( ), click the verify button and type the code there.
Please notify us when you have completed this process so we can start optimizing your local presence.

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